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Achievement Award

Hunprenco are pleased to announce that on Friday 25th November 2016 were presented with 2 awards for the Yorkshire area. The two  awards were :

1.      Export Achievement

2.      Overall Winner

The Scarborough Evening news quoted: "Hunprenco, a leading manufacturer of the plungers and coolers for the glass container industry, was recognised at the Scarborough News Business Awards in November 2016.

Hunprenco was presented with the Prestigious Export Achievement award followed by the Overall Winners award for the Yorkshire district. This was a black tie event which brought together hundreds of attendees from the UK's Scarborough and district business community. The University of Hull was the main sponsor of the awards and attendees received an exclusive message from Prime Minister Theresa May.

The Hunprenco business portfolio, consisting of Precision Engineered Parts, primarily for the Glass Container Industry, 99.5% of which is exported to European and worldwide countries. Mr. Neesom, Chairman and owner of Hunprenco started the business in 1969 and has been exporting ever since. These awards were given in recognition of the hard work and dedication to industry and are directed towards Mr. Neesom and everyone within the company, as it is to their credit as to where we are today.

The main activties of Hunprenco focus on its plunger and cooler division for NNPB, PB and Blow Blow operations, and the company also manufacture a vast range of precision engineered components to customer requirements."


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