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Hunprenco is made up of 3 divisions. The main activities are with the Plunger & Cooler division for NNPB, PB and Blow Blow operations. We also manufacture a vast range of Precision Engineered components to customer requirements.


Hunprenco has worked closely with glass container companies to develop material and production methods to assist the glass industry in its efforts for increased efficiency, reduction in downtime and improved enviroment friendly quality containers.

There has been a call to product lighter containers and the market is moving more towards the Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB) forming process technology, which has increasingly become an alternative to the conventional Blow Blow production method. This NNPB production is helping customers to increase production speeds and save energy, while also improving returns on investment via the production of lighter containers.

Our plungers are manufactured with various coatings depending on customer preference, applied by state of the art technology ensuring a uniform dense coating.

  • Three tungsten/nickel coatings giving a hardness range of 56HRc to 62HRc
  • One tungsten/cobalt coating giving a hardness range of 59HRc to 63HRc combined with elevated working temperature characteristics.

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